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VALUES & BELIEFS ASSESSMENT:  How well do you know yourself?


April 17, 2024


Dear participant,

How would you like to have a deep understanding of what keeps you up at night? Or what limits you from achieving profound success? This instrument is a starting point for self-discovery; applied at the organizational level, it can also shed light on many of your organization's toughest challenges.

This assessment carefully explores the core values and beliefs that drive human behavior and decisions. Moving beyond conventional thinking often demands exploration of corresponding behaviors that often display a very limited understanding of the underpinning challenges embedded in thought and action. In order to grasp the core foundations of any organizational starting with its leaders, this assessment seeks to understand your core values and beliefs that accurately determine who YOU are in essence. What you explore in this assessment greatly influences the challenges you face within your organizational and personal environment. By further understanding them, systemic solutions are the natural outcomes.

Please respond honestly to the statements in this assessment. You may find that the instrument is a development tool that allows YOU to further understand self as well. At the conclusion of this assessment, a simple analysis provides the priority of your core values and beliefs along with a congruence score.

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